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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wAt i wAnT 2 dO wHeN i hAvE a LoVeR

If I have a boy friend, there’ll be so many things I want to do.
I’ve dream I have a boy friend like that.
The first, walking with him in the street.
The second, catching the early train for shopping with him.
The third, going on a picnic with him.
The fourth, the piggy back ride.
The fifth, couple-ring is basic to our love.
It’ll be really sweet.
The thought of it makes my heart flutter.
I’ll try to do every one a day with you.
I’m so happy to be with you.
I’m so happy we both are together.
You’re a real treasure to me.
I’ve always envied another’s boy friend.
The sixth, I’ll go to late night movies with you.
The seventh, I’ll go to amusement parks with you.
The eighth, I’ll hold a surprise event for you.
I’ve been alone on my birthday.
I’ve had nothing do on the weekend.
But I’m eagerly looking forward to such named days.
Wherever we are,
or whatever we do,
Everyday what I really try to do with you, is to tell you,
“I love you.”
What I really want to hear from you, is such a word, “I love you”
Thank you for coming to me.
I’m so happy to be with you.
You are my only love.

baby boo ~

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