~ lAbIu dAliM ~


Monday, June 6, 2011

^^ u wouldnt answer my calls ^^

Even though I know
How much, how much you'd hate it
This is the only thing I can do
Waiting aimlessly for you
in front of your house

No matter
No matter how pathetic I am
Rather than forgetting about you
Since I have nothing to forget
At the same place
In front of your house, I wait

To you, who already wouldn't answer my calls
To you, who won't even look at me
No matter how much I wish and beg for forgiveness
Even if you say it's useless

I stand and wait in front of your house
Even if you pretend like you didn't see me
Even if you pass me by like someone you saw for the first time
Until you listen to my apology, the one thing I have to say

In a day
I look at my phone so many times
I became surprised by even a small noise
That I checked several times
To see if it was a text from you

At first
At first, like after the fights we always had
I thought you would come back
Because you're too nice of a woman
To leave me so painfully like this

I stand and wait in front of your house
Even if you pretend like you didn't see me
Even if you pass me by like someone you saw for the first time
Until you listen to my apology, the one thing I have to say

Friday, May 27, 2011

mAnTap AcUe ^___^

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !\lame giler ta update ~
da nak hmpir sbulan ta ksi kabo ! huhu ~
coey yer blogger2 skalian ~ keh2 ~
ni ...
na cite ~
dengki ak tgk auntie ak ni
kije kt spital ~!
ta lme un ~ tp da dpt anugerah !
pergh !!!!! chaiyok ~
mmg dgki ar tgk smgt die lao kije ~ huhu !
ni na tyg pix die jap ~

acue ~~~

orang kuat spital ~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

: bUrFdAY dIe :

hepy giler mase ni . krim kek d muke aku mmg ta ley lupe .

senyum !

cheese ~

wAt i wAnT 2 dO wHeN i hAvE a LoVeR

If I have a boy friend, there’ll be so many things I want to do.
I’ve dream I have a boy friend like that.
The first, walking with him in the street.
The second, catching the early train for shopping with him.
The third, going on a picnic with him.
The fourth, the piggy back ride.
The fifth, couple-ring is basic to our love.
It’ll be really sweet.
The thought of it makes my heart flutter.
I’ll try to do every one a day with you.
I’m so happy to be with you.
I’m so happy we both are together.
You’re a real treasure to me.
I’ve always envied another’s boy friend.
The sixth, I’ll go to late night movies with you.
The seventh, I’ll go to amusement parks with you.
The eighth, I’ll hold a surprise event for you.
I’ve been alone on my birthday.
I’ve had nothing do on the weekend.
But I’m eagerly looking forward to such named days.
Wherever we are,
or whatever we do,
Everyday what I really try to do with you, is to tell you,
“I love you.”
What I really want to hear from you, is such a word, “I love you”
Thank you for coming to me.
I’m so happy to be with you.
You are my only love.

baby boo ~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

pLkN : iT's PaRtY tImE !

yey ! ary last !

archana !

aksi pnutup pd wktu pagi ~

suami isteri ~ haha !

say cheeeeesssseeeee~

nan our KJ !

craziest frenz !

pLkN : sG lEmBiNg mAnTap !

syok giler ! tuh je ley ckp ! kuat mkn mse ade kt cni ~

1 hati !

cg sue !

pnemuan ajaib d tmpt org bkelah ~

hati batu !

sejuk air ~

kulog ! log !

kl tower !

pLkN : mY oWn iDeAl sTaTe !

yesssss ! create my own ideal country ?
da besh we can do it ! so we win dis parcipitation !
da number 1 goes 2 KN5 !

parfait !

ngara ideal tertinnggggiii !

smtimes messssy got terrible !

pesaing terdekat ~ kn6 !

pLkN : cB3 aDe cLaZz !

aku syg korg smue !
even kite kdg2 gado un ~

geng 1 klas !

baju klas ~

joanne lee n sapik ~

khusyuk dgr cg bkate2 ~

discussion group ~

Sunday, April 24, 2011

pLkN : kAwAd kAk! kAkU

besh tp letih !
berjmur bwh pnas matahari !
full celoreng lak ! mati r !
itam pelik j muke !

charlie gurlz ! wif my capt ! fatin farhana !

charlie boyz !

pLkN : kEmbArA hAlAnGan

woosh !
mmg pergh ! suasana ni mmg ta ley lupe !

terowongan casablanca ! creepy !

laluan angkat mayat !

merangkak cm labi2 !

berbelit2 !

swing cm monyet !

i jatuh lm air !

pLkN : tAs!k Oh tAsIk !

niyh pix kiteorg mase kt tasik cherating !
plkn phg lol ! haha ! cek out !

geng charlie !

berakit ke hulu n hilir !

pmpuan !

exercise !

kayuh kayak ! napi n nuh ! semangat doe !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

: pR!vAtE n ConFidEnTiAl rOoM :

niyh blik study kmi!
mmg sronok duk lm niyh
ley bwk nestum
masak air
uat teh or milo pnas~~
niyh tmpat kmi y pnyer~
tgk muker ak y pnyek mse niyh~

aQ anis timoh n ana!

^ kUmPuL2 ^

time niyh smue org ade !
mmg suke r ! baru j pas mkn2 kt uma syer !
mmg gler ar thp bsing tuh ~
ggar 1 uma !

lirikan matenyer~

gurau2 manje~

cycle2! round2!

: mAuLiDuR rAsUl :

hari y dtggu tibe!
time niyh plg mnyeronokkn !
kliling kampung! slwat ke ats nabi!
mmg syok ! chaiyok ar kaka !

merah menyala ! mine ta sedia !

nan faratiera ! yo !

khusyuk dgor cramah!

forum perdana y grand!

geng nasyid! merdu!

syair arab bersame ustaz fakhruddin!

org kuat nasyid ! dak2 kcik !